CUBS Design Stories: An Elegant Living room makeover

CUBS Design Stories: An Elegant Living room makeover


This is a home that holds a treasure trove of memories and a home that has seen it’s many firsts.  The first home that the family bought, the first time they saw their kids graduate and leave, the first time where they saw their kids marry the spouses of their dreams, and the first time their grandchildren learned to take their baby steps. In sense of soul, this was a home through and through where friends and families always felt welcome like it was their own.

It’s hard to let go of a home where every piece of furniture, every painting, and every accessory talks about a time and era well spent.  A couple that brought home memories from their travels, occasions, and moments. They could not have penned their lives any other way.  With most of the furniture taken away, it’s still a home this South Indian couple wants to retain and refurbish to recreate new memories.  The only requirement they had was

“I have an affinity to White. Keep that as your base colour”

White is as good as a blank space for CUBS to start colouring

CUBS Analysis

The sparkling white tiles give a sense of large space and served as a blank canvas. The colourful stained glass French windows gave an old-fashioned appeal to the space. It was probably done when stain glass windows were very in. Instead of getting rid of it we decided to pick our colour palette from the stained glass. The key here is to keep the space contemporary yet punctuating it with traditional elements.   CUBS visualized the space in compartments:- A Living room,  A Reading Lounge, and  A Dining room.

Client Essentials

Existing Paintings

Existing accessories

Existing Sideboard


Interior design CubspacesAfter

online home decor Cubcpaces

                                                                                        Design Board_1

online interior design cubspaces

                                                                                      Design Board_2

online home decor Cubspaces

                                                                                     Design Board_3

Online interior decorators Cubspaces

                                                                                          Design Board_4

Interior design Cubspaces

                                                                                   Design Board_5

CUBS Design Chronicles

  1. A typical South Indian style living room will comprise of low seating’s. But considering the age of the couple, we decided to do away with low seating. A white contemporary sofa set from Wooden street created an elegant classy living space
  2. A bench is always synonymous to a casual homely feel. This Kilim upholstered Mudramark bench from Peppery fry gave the formal white sofa it’s grounding.Cubspaces                                                                      Image Credit: Pepperfry
  3. The traditional zari woven silk cushions contrasted the whites and gave a rustic appeal. It also balanced the colours of the French Window stained glass of the dining roomOnline Home design Cubspaces                                                                      Image Credit: Desi Craft
  4. The brass accessories and traditional Ravi Verma paintings gave classy and rich feel to this old bungalow
  5. The white book shelf carpentered around the Tanjore paintings along with the Hagen Mustard Lounge chair over the round gave a cozy nook to the otherwise formal living room.Design home Cubspaces                                                                         Image Credit: Urbanladder
  6. Honeycomb cane teak dining table chair and table was an existing hand me down from their daughter. Cane always gives a sense of Indianness and warmth to any space
  7. The existing walnut sideboard continued to find a space in its existing nook.

By- CUBS Editorial Team.

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