CUBS Design Stories: Nautical Inspired Boys Room

CUBS Design Stories: Nautical Inspired Boys Room

What is about the nautical décor that appeals to kids? The very idea of sailing to far away places or is it imagining you are a pirate hunting for deep down treasures or the just watching a faraway ship in the horizon and believing it’s heading to the other side of the rainbow to find a treasure chest. For whatever be the reason there is something appealing about the ocean for most kids. As a kid growing up in India,  going to the beach was always one big fun family affair. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live along the coast. That was something I got lucky every summer, a trip to Kollam, a small coastal town in Kerala to visit my grandparents. I have memories going to the beach with my father, building sand castles, collecting sea shells, playing the waves, flying a kite or sometimes just covering yourself in sand and the most intriguing thing was hearing the ocean sound through a conch. After every trip, I always wanted to take a little bit of the ocean home whether it’s collecting sand in a bottle or collecting pebbles or collecting shells… What fond memories!!

“Let’s pack a bag, buy a boat and sail away to far off coasts”

 Here was a customer from Beed, who wanted to do up his kids’ room. He never really had a theme in mind. A little part of me wanted to relive my childhood dream of bringing the ocean home. Nothing speaks of the ocean louder than the nautical theme. So we at CUBS sat down and charted out a childhood dream to travel to the other side of the horizon. All Aboard guys?? Here we set sail!!!

CUBS Analysis

 A navy blue, red and white colour palette goes without saying for a nautical theme. As clichéd as it may sound, but what the heck it will always be a first for me.  All the three colours work together creating a carefree mix of stripes, bolds and patterns. The blue and white Cabana stripes are always associated with the sea. This was a trend started by Queen Victoria during one of her royal events where she dressed her son in a sailor suit.





CUBS Design Chronicles:

  • Thinking about the nautical theme, the bed had to be done a little differently at the same time storage had to be taken care off, so we thought of keeping the backrest cushioning in red upholstery. To punctuate the bed we suggested a Petrona bench from Wooden Street that gave a very English look. Let’s not forget about the two bed side tables that helped complete the look.

    Drewno Upholstered Bed With Storage and red fabric backrest from Wooden Street


    Petrona Bench With Storage from Woodenstreet


Denzel Bedside Table (Walnut Finish) from Wooden Street


  • We decided to go ahead with study table in white and overheads in brow and popped it with a red lounger chair from Urban Ladder.

    Murray Lounge Chair from UrbamLadder

  • Why do the bookshelves always have to be the colurless and the stereotypical? Why not try a bold colour? Have a look at this red bookshelf from the yellow door store , hasn’t it managed to be the focal point in this room?

    Fun Multipurpose Bookshelf from The Yellow Door Store

  • How could a nautical theme be without an anchor? So we grounded the room with an anchor printed rug from Furnish Turf.

    The Rug Concept Navy Carpets from FurnishTurf


  • We pulled in nautical elements like ropes on the curtains, undersea life cushion covers to give the room a better nautical expression.
  • The anchor, the steering wheel and the life saver boat ring, were just mandatory! Didn’t have to look very far, our very own Amazon had it all.

    Wooden Rudder Sea Beach Nautical Decor Wall Ornament Hanging Decor , Phenovo Nautical Anchor Wall Hanging Hook Starfish Decor Door Rack with Thermometer and Generic Welcome Red Nautical Wall Decor Ship Boat Ring Life Buoy Preserver from Amazon


  • A very chic chandelier from White Teak Company (who wouldn’t want to have one of their products!) gave the apt radiance to illuminate the room.
  • Talking about the lights, the stylish Gizi study table lamp from Orange Tree features a grey sand blasted finish on the shade and base. The lamp is simple but adds instant class to the study table décor.

    Carnival Carousel Hanging Light from the White Teak Company

    Gizi Study (LED) Table Lamp from The Orange Tree

  • The only missing element in the room was to add some more light to the bed sides, which was done with white lamps from The Decor Kart.

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