Christmas Decor Series – DIY Christmas Decor

Christmas Decor Series – DIY Christmas Decor

The Christmas Trifecta of the tree, the ornaments, and the snow are a Christmas Decor staple of any house. But there are a lot of other ideas that one can use; along with, or in place of the three.

There are a lot of ideas, but has it happened to you that they look incredible in the photographs that inspire you, but when you have them in front of you, they are not quite as striking?

Well, you are not alone! Stick around till the end of the article to know why.

  1. Christmas Ornaments

There are loads of simple DIY Christmas decor ideas with the things you have readily available at home. One of the more safe, non-toxic, long-lasting, and easy trick is to DIY Christmas Ornaments with salt dough. Once baked and ready, you can paint it, cover it in sparkles and glitter, cotton, or pretty much anything you like.

Salt Dough DIY Christmas Decor

Picture Credits: Wholefully

Twisted Salt Dough Christmas Candy Cane

Picture Credits: funathomewithkids

DIY Christmas Decor Ornament

Picture Credits: J.o.h.n. Ideas – Youtube

DIY Melted Snowman Salt Dough Ornament

Picture Credits: kidfriendlythingstodo

And hey, why not go crazy with the project!?

Leaf Stamped DIY Christmas Decor Ornament

Picture Credits: Easypeasyandfun

If you don’t feel very confident in your moulding expertise, step out, find leaves with strong veins and stamp away!

Scented Christmas Ornaments

Picture Credits: Rockyhedgefarm

Add cinnamon, clove, or nutmeg powder; or any combination thereof to have wonderfully scented ornaments for the home.

Tip: Remember to pierce a hole through the ornament BEFORE microwaving it (if you do it later, it’ll break). Also remember that in some cases, depending on the proportions you have used, the dough will expand upon microwaving. So, try a small, single piece first and you’ll get an idea of how much to use.

Another easy material for ornaments is paper. You can make; fold and cut snowflakes, twisted snowflakes, Bulbs, Paper Hearts, Origami, Paper bauble, Bow and quite a bit more. Paper is an extremely versatile medium. In addition to these, there is of course, always, paper machè

Picture Credits: liagriffith

Picture Credits: liagriffith

Picture Credits: ZIZ Origami – Youtube

Picture Credits: Reesedixon

Paper Snowflakes

Picture Credits: Remodelaholic

Other materials for DIY Christmas ornaments could be straws, twigs, pinecone among others.

2. Teeny-Tiny-Christmassy Village

If you, like us, enjoy a bit of crafting every once in a while, this will be right up your alley.

Its Christmas time, we tend to enjoy buying gifts (just another reason to shop online, am I right!?). save those boxes and turn them into something they were not intended for – Small houses. Now you can use the template to build multiple houses and make a small village.

Christmas Village

Picture Credits: House Beautiful

A simpler Christmas Decor idea would be to create two or more skylines of a village or town scene (the front façade) and add lights.

Laser Cut Christmas Village

Picture Credits: Marks and Spencer Shop

3. Wreaths

Wreaths are perfect Christmas Decor Staple. Whether you put it on the door, on the table as a centre-piece or miniature versions on the Christmas Tree.

By now, we are sure, you have caught the drift of the Christmas Decor Series.

Yes, make those wreaths unconventional and a statement piece.

Based on your colour scheme and preferences, and the weather at home, you can choose from among many different wreath styles ranging from seasons to colours to materials

Inviting Floral Wreath

Picture Credits: Sarah Joy

Ruffled Paper DIY Christmas Decor Wreath

Picture Credits: Addicted2decorating

DIY Christmas Decor

Picture Credits: Crafty Endeavour

Paper Cut-out Wreath DIY

Picture Credits: Craft Stylish

Felt Square Wreath For Christmas Decor

Picture Credits: The Inspired Room

Use ruffled papers on an embroidery hoop, scraps of cloth, pine cones, leaves made from glitter paper, faux feathers; as always, your only limit is your imagination!

4. Faux Snow

A must-have Christmas element for many is snow. The Christmas often seems incomplete without it! There are many ways to get snow into your Christmas decor.

5. Snowman

Where there is snow, there is a snowman!

A ‘snow’man doesn’t HAVE to be snow you know!? All you need are two spheres and come creativity!

Picture Credits: Google

Wreath Snowman

Picture Credits: Pier 1

Wine Bottle Snowman

Picture Credits: Etsy


Picture Credits: Google

Painted-old-bottle snowman

Picture Credits: Etsy Shop

Still wondering why they don’t look so great in reality? The answer is simpler than you might think. You probably already know the answer.

A theme.

It is important, when designing or decorating anything that unity is maintained, even among discord. There is a trend of Wabi-Sabi that has become very popular these days. Wabi-Sabi appreciates the imperfections. But those imperfections are not mismatches.

Let’s look at an example, if you are looking at a ‘white Christmas’ theme as we are this year, that doesn’t mean we cannot use red or blue or brown. But we definitely cannot have the wreath snowman shown in the picture above.

If the theme is rustic, the wreath would be burlap, the string would be hemp, the bulbs would be filament (Einstein bulbs, as a lot of us know them) and the lights need to be yellow. What would be out of place in this setting is a blue glitter bauble hanging from the tree.

This time when you look at your Christmas decor inspiration image, look at the background and the surroundings as well.

Happy decorating! And happy Colouring!

Miloni Mehta

CUBS Editorial Team

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