CUBS Design stories: 10 steps to refresh a living room from Drab to Fab

CUBS Design stories: 10 steps to refresh a living room from Drab to Fab

When CUBS started, we realized that most decisions around home décor have always been women dominated. It was always the women of the home who seem to decide what goes where what should be the color palette, where should the painting be hung etc. Seldom have we seen homes where the entire family, sits together to decide on how they should be doing up their home.  This was one such customer from Pune. When the CUBS team first visited them we realized that we have many minds to please; The husband, the wife and their two teenage kids. Each of them had something to contribute as to how they wanted their living room to look. Interestingly all of them seem to be more or less in sync. All of them had one thing in common to say

“The room is too brown. We need to add some colour to this room”

 This is a welcome change from the traditional homes where just the earning member has always influenced purchase decisions. As an extension to our previous blog, we would like to tweak the saying

“Incorporating children into decision making is also the New domestic”

It’s nice to see families involve children and take into account their views instead of taking blanket decisions.

CUBS Analysis

There is no denying the fact that this living room was straight out of an interior designers school project portfolio. Strait jacketed designs with standard placement of furniture. Not even an attempt to make the space a little warm and welcoming.  A New requirement, a new CUBS challenge!!

Client Essentials

  • Add color to the room
  • No structural changes
  • Upholstery refurbishes


online living room design


Design Board_1

Design Board_2

 CUBS Chronicles

Contrasting colours will add a little drama and like colours will pull it all together. Now, what should be that contrasting colour? One thing this room had it going was the natural sunlight sprawling into every corner of the room. What better way than using the colours of the sun- yellow!!. Sunshine yellow!!.

  1. The 4 seater is a rather odd size. It covers a large area in the room.  Any printed upholstery will stand out loud and will take away from any attempt to add colour. Hence we decided to go with a muted grey.
  1. The small chairs were upholstered using blue Dastakari upholstery from Pure Living. Dastakari print gave a subtle and rich appeal.

Reused Chairs upholstered in Dastakari fabric from Pure Living

  1. 6 feet by 3.5 feet Coffee table!! Now that is huge!! This is a very large surface area to play with. This has to be the conversation initiator and a perfect stage for a coffee table décor drama. Vintage hot coral pitcher Vase, Yellow eye figurine and Wandering elephant blue figurine from Chumbak ( add the necessary quirk to the act as colour blended props to stage the drama.

Accessories from Chumbak

  1. Now to play along with the sunshine indoors- yellow cushions and throws from Zufolo ( ) add that zing to the room.

Cushion Covers, Throw and the Ikat Lamp from Zufolo

  1. The console from BluGum ( placed behind the two seater sofa is a floating style option to create an illusion of visual depth to the room.

Transitional Console from Blugum

  1. A blue rug from the Rug Republic ( slipped under the coffee table pulls all the heavy furniture together.

Delicia Carpet from The Rug Republic

  1. A console placed behind the 4seaters is the CUBS design trick to create an additional surface area without it being too obtrusive for placing figurines.  The one thing that stands out in the console is the funky Yellow pug dog with glares from Bent chair ( , which is sure to become the talk of the room.

Yellow Pug dog with Glares from Bentchair

  1. A room without a painting is a room with no soul. The 3 symmetrical paintings from Art4u ( created the necessary focal point.

The Sea and Sky Artwork from Art4U

  1. Lanterns are the most versatile home accessory and if you have a bare coffee table there you go!!!… You have nailed the placement. Geo Lantern from Indecrafts ( ) completes the look.

Geo Lantern from Indecrafts

  1. The blue urns and jars from The Décor Kart (  add the much-required sophistication and elegance of a well-curated home.

Urns and Jars from The Décor Kart

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